Weekly Shopping Shuttle

About Weekly Shopping Shuttle:
EWCPA participants (with valid EWC ID) can use shuttle services to go for shopping at popular destinations. Please note that this service is available only when we have enough volunteer shuttle drivers available. You’ll be notified each week via EWC list-serv email whether shuttle is running that week.

For shuttle users:
1)    Shuttle seats are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, so please sign up if you would like to reserve a place.
2)    Once you sign up, please be responsible to show up on time. There are always some people who sign up, but do not show up. Please keep in mind that shuttles run every week, spending our community budget and using the  volunteer drivers’ precious time.
3)    Please contact Shuttle Coordinator,  if there is any concerns or issues regarding shuttle bus.

For volunteer drivers:
We are looking for more volunteers to drive shuttle! All you need is an international or an American driver’s license! Driving the shuttle counts towards your community service hour requirements.  Please contact Shuttle Coordinator.