Sustainability Event

On December 1st, 8 East-West center participants volunteered with Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea Marine Life Conservation District on the North Shore at Shark’s Cove. We learned about the history of the organization and the role that it plays in protecting marine wildlife. Then we picked up a bunch of garbage from the beach including a tire. We also helped Philip find some bugs for his etymology project. At the end of the day we were able to have fun, help the environment and increase the visibility of EWCPA out in the community.
Mahalo for your participation and see you on the next sustainability event!

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Kukui Cup Final & EWPCA Board Transition

On September 20, we had the Kukui Cup closing ceremony and the EWCPA Board Transition ceremony.

Hale Kuahine defeated Hale Manoa in the 1st EWCPA Kukui Cup and won a couple of prizes!

The EWCPA Board 2011-2012 would like to thank everyone in the community for the great support for throughout the  year. Mahalo!


Please give the new Board a warm welcome and please continue to give them all the support they need!

EWCPA Kukui Cup Kick-Off Party & Recycling Fashion Show

On September 1, we had the 1st annual EWCPA Kukui Cup Kick-Off Party and a recycling fashion show!

The fashion show was presented by the UH fashion major students. They used recycled materials to create costumes. The models were EWC participants!

Thank you for the UH fashion major who spent so much time preparing for the event and contributed great attires to the event. Thank you also for the models from the community. Without your contribution, we could not have done this Kick-Off Party!

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Thank you for all the participants who participated in the events and activities throughout the Kukui Cup. Stay tuned for more Sustainability events!

1st annual EWCPA Kukui Cup from September 1- 15, 2012

Come join us for the 1st annual EWCPA Kukui Cup from September 1 – 15, 2012! It is a 2 week energy and water saving competition between Hale Manoa and Hale Kuahine (per capita). There will be field trips, workshops, artistic/musical events, a scavenger hunt, an online game, and CATERED FOOD!  The on line component works hand in hand with the real world activities. On September 21, 2012, the final ceremonies will include a trophy with the winning dormitories name engraved on it, in addition to catering.

Volunteer hours will be given to participants for assisting with certain events.

Please sign up at:

Water off! Lights off! Game on!

Promotional video:


Water off! Lights off! Game on!

EWCPA Sustainability Team
Mika & Nancy

Donation for Homeless

In response to a request for collecting donation for homeless, which had been successfully organized in Spring 2012, EWCPA Community Service Coordinator and Sustainability Coordinators organized another “Donation for Homeless”. The donations were collected from the donation boxes we located at Hale Manoa and Hale Kuahine.

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The boxes in the pictures were all filled up with the clothes and other items donated from the EWC ohana. Your donations will reach the homeless through the Institute for Human Services. Thank you all for your kindness and cooperation!

EWCPA Sustainability BWS Water Tour

On April 12, 2012, 13 participants from EWCPA Sustainability team went on a tour of the Waihe’e tunnel. The Waihe’e tunnel is located on the windward side of O’ahu and is managed by The Board of Water Supply and provides drinking water to the windward communities. Participants learned about how their water is treated, the geology of the aquifer, the ecosystems in the area, and a little about how the ancient Hawaiians viewed water as a sacred resource. Overall, it was both an educational and spiritual experience that will remain with me whenever I drink water here on these Islands.

Here are responses from the two participants (thank you for your sharing your thoughts!):

(1) I liked Arthur’s chant in the tunnel a lot: I felt as though we were stepping back in time as he painted the picture of the first Polynesian settlers of the Hawaiian islands. His description of their sustainable use of the land and water resources was very vivid. I hope that those who went on today’s tour will be inspired to keep their awareness raised and also help others grow more aware of the abundant resources of these islands and how we all must be good stewards of the aina and grateful for the many blessings we have by living here.

(2) I am so excited to know how this island’s water from. It is my first time to work inside the channel for 1500 meters? It is such a long way. No idea why my pants are entirely wet. No part is dry. The feeling is kind of special because I never wear a wet pants with walking for one hour? I think I should wear swimming suit to visit the water channel next time. Finally, the water is indeed special. I will treasure the water resource in all of my life at any place.

Thank you for bringing me such a wonderful experience.

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Sustainability Movie Night

On Saturday, January 14, EWCPA Sustainability Coordinators and Movie Coordinator worked together to host Sustainability Movie Night. The attendants enjoyed pizza and drinks while listening to the talks about sustainability and the movie “Blue Gold.” Thank you everyone for coming out. We hope it was a fun and educational experience. Let’s aim for more sustainable EWC!

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To find more about EWCPA’s sustainability activities, please contact Mika Okuno or Nancy Niklis (

Visioning Party for Sustainability

On Feb. 4 the EWCPA Sustainability group hosted a Visioning Party, where participants gathered to brainstorm ideas to increase the long-term sustainability of the EWC.  Over fifteen students attended, and came up with ideas for improved communication, policy changes, student-led activities and outreach projects.  With some guidance questions to start the  conversation, it was a very informal gathering.  Participants munched on salad and pizza while they discussed their ideas.  Some of the proposed ideas included: decreasing the need for paper towels in the dormitory kitchens, an alternative to using dryers which would use the sun, and a way to recycle plastic bags from the grocery store.  These suggestions will be presented to the EWC as student ideas for the future.

Sustainable EWC: Recap of 2009-2010

Aloha and thank you for your interest in Sustainable EWC, an East-West Center participantfoundedinitiative to “green” the Center. The initiative was formerly established in October 2008 through astudent-organized strategic planning process. Since then, over 100 EWC participants representing more than25 countries have contributed to its cause.The goals of Sustainable EWC are to:1. Reduce the East-West Center’s environmental impact,2. Create a healthier, more sustainable and livable community,3. Use the lessons we learn here to help care for the health of theenvironment and quality of life in our home countries.The East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA) Board has committed itself to reducing theEWCPA’s environmental impact through the adoption of the “EWCPA Declaration of Sustainability.”Representatives from the EWCPA Board and volunteers from the EWCPA community have worked toimprove our participant-run recycling program, experiment with composting, offer regular sustainabilityrelatedlearning and outreach opportunities for EWC participants, and collaborate with EWC Facilities toreduce our energy and water use. In Fall 2009, EWC President Charles Morrison expanded on this initiativeby establishing an institution-wide Environmental Sustainability Task Force at the request of the EWCPAPresident and Sustainability Team. This newsletter, produced by students in the EWCPA Sustainability Teamand funded by our recycling efforts, gives an introduction to the sustainability-related programs andaccomplishments of the East-West Center during 2009-2010. Mahalo for your interest and support!

Here is the link to the news letter