The EWCPA Board proudly takes the responsibility to chart the future for our special community here at the EWC. The board mission is to develop an Asia-Pacific community that can work productively together and promote harmony among nations. In line with the EWCPA Constitution, the future will consist of an EWC participant community that comes together across country lines, cultural lines, and program lines to live, learn, share, and experience culture, diversity, thoughts, arts, knowledge music, talents and ohana with few distinctions made between programs or countries. The overriding goals of student advocacy, promoting culture, and developing community spirit will pervade all activities of the EWCPA.

The EWCPA community will be brought together in a variety of social and academic forums in order to take advantage of all of the talents and skills of members of EWCPA community towards building a stronger Asia-Pacific community. Also, through various representatives EWCPA will strive to address the concerns of all members and promote community interests wherever appropriate.

EWCPA Alumni

EWCPA Participants @ EWC Alumni Association Dinner