EWCPA Sustainability BWS Water Tour

On April 12, 2012, 13 participants from EWCPA Sustainability team went on a tour of the Waihe’e tunnel. The Waihe’e tunnel is located on the windward side of O’ahu and is managed by The Board of Water Supply and provides drinking water to the windward communities. Participants learned about how their water is treated, the geology of the aquifer, the ecosystems in the area, and a little about how the ancient Hawaiians viewed water as a sacred resource. Overall, it was both an educational and spiritual experience that will remain with me whenever I drink water here on these Islands.

Here are responses from the two participants (thank you for your sharing your thoughts!):

(1) I liked Arthur’s chant in the tunnel a lot: I felt as though we were stepping back in time as he painted the picture of the first Polynesian settlers of the Hawaiian islands. His description of their sustainable use of the land and water resources was very vivid. I hope that those who went on today’s tour will be inspired to keep their awareness raised and also help others grow more aware of the abundant resources of these islands and how we all must be good stewards of the aina and grateful for the many blessings we have by living here.

(2) I am so excited to know how this island’s water from. It is my first time to work inside the channel for 1500 meters? It is such a long way. No idea why my pants are entirely wet. No part is dry. The feeling is kind of special because I never wear a wet pants with walking for one hour? I think I should wear swimming suit to visit the water channel next time. Finally, the water is indeed special. I will treasure the water resource in all of my life at any place.

Thank you for bringing me such a wonderful experience.

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