Welcome New Participants!

EWC welcomed 21 new participants this semester. This semester, EWC and EWCPA worked together to plan Community Building Institute a.k.a. new participants orientation.

On Day 1, participants gathered at Hale Halawai and listened to the talk by EWC staff and presentation by EWCPA Board members while enjoying pupus. We also introduced ourselves to each other. Over and over again, we are amazed by the diverse background of the participants as well as the staff!

On Day 2, EWCPA arranged a potluck competition. This idea was originally from the new participant orientation in Fall 2011, since a lot of Board members were at the orientation and enjoyed the potluck competition. The participants were divided into 4 groups, with each group helped by the Board members as the team leaders. Each group was given the same amount of money and had to think of what to cook, go to shopping, cook, and present the dishes in 4 hours. We had to choose one group as a winner, but all the groups did a very good job. Everything was so delicious.

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To all the new participants — Welcome to the EWC and EWCPA!

Also, maybe it is a little bit too late to wish everyone a happy New Year, but nevertheless, we hope your 2012 will be a happy and prosperous one!

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