Sustainable EWC: Recap of 2009-2010

Aloha and thank you for your interest in Sustainable EWC, an East-West Center participantfoundedinitiative to “green” the Center. The initiative was formerly established in October 2008 through astudent-organized strategic planning process. Since then, over 100 EWC participants representing more than25 countries have contributed to its cause.The goals of Sustainable EWC are to:1. Reduce the East-West Center’s environmental impact,2. Create a healthier, more sustainable and livable community,3. Use the lessons we learn here to help care for the health of theenvironment and quality of life in our home countries.The East-West Center Participants Association (EWCPA) Board has committed itself to reducing theEWCPA’s environmental impact through the adoption of the “EWCPA Declaration of Sustainability.”Representatives from the EWCPA Board and volunteers from the EWCPA community have worked toimprove our participant-run recycling program, experiment with composting, offer regular sustainabilityrelatedlearning and outreach opportunities for EWC participants, and collaborate with EWC Facilities toreduce our energy and water use. In Fall 2009, EWC President Charles Morrison expanded on this initiativeby establishing an institution-wide Environmental Sustainability Task Force at the request of the EWCPAPresident and Sustainability Team. This newsletter, produced by students in the EWCPA Sustainability Teamand funded by our recycling efforts, gives an introduction to the sustainability-related programs andaccomplishments of the East-West Center during 2009-2010. Mahalo for your interest and support!

Here is the link to the news letter

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