Annual Holiday Craft Fair

Cultural exchange is most tangibly celebrated through the sharing of traditional handicrafts.  This year the annual Holiday Craft Fair at Burns Hall was no exception, and it certainly kept the seasonal festivities rolling.  On December 2 and 3, crafts of customary clothing and decoration from across the Asia Pacific region enticed attendees with their international flare.  Nineteen friendly gift venders offered not only gifts for sale, but also a story behind each hand-made item.  Suddenly ornamental wall hangings and rugs came to life, and attendees from the greater O’ahu community found it irresistible to purchase such gifts for their loved ones.

While nineteen vendors were present this year, the East West Center Participants Association (EWCPA) donated all proceeds to future EWC student activities.  Among donations organized by Activities Co-Coordinator Brian Kastl, crafts from Bhutan were especially delightful for buyers and observers alike.  The 2010 EWCPA Cookbook: “Food: A celebration” sold by Cookbook Co-Editor Azeema Faizunnisa was an even bigger hit.  It proved to be a particularly practical and mutually beneficial gift.  One woman was particularly ecstatic about the purchase, explaining that the gift would finally encourage her husband to cook delicious meals for her!

Whether you are looking to donate a craft to the EWCPA or acquire a piece of the East West Center’s cultural diversity, the annual Holiday Craft Fair is for you.  See you there next year!

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