International Potluck 2010

The highly anticipated, annual International Potluck unifies East West Center participants over a theme that is savored by all: exquisite traditional cuisine.  At this year’s “Sharing Is Caring” event, fifteen cultural teams helped attendees to experience the uniqueness of their cultures on Sunday, November 14, 2010 by preparing multiple courses for hundreds of people awaiting the richness of flavors.  National flags, edible decorations, and cultural information of each team instilled curiosity and excitement in everyone.  EWCPA Board Members and MCs of the afternoon, Erenst Anip, Brian Kastl, and Hannah Kook welcomed attendees to the event and introduced the cultural teams.  Eating commenced, and indeed, every dish was as delectable as imagined.  The greatest challenge of the afternoon was leaving enough room to try them all.  Before long, attendees could not contain their energy any further and group dancing broke out in the Friendship Circle.  Stories were shared and great values of the many cultures of the Asia-Pacific region were learned.  As always, the International Potluck was memorable – and mouthwatering!

Here are some photos…

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